Inquiring About CULTURES

This is one of the best books that I've read so far.

In the modern world we meet many people from different countries and cultures. We often ignore the fact that they are different than us. With all hopes and optimistics we look for similarities.

Nowadays we can all speak the same language, but that doesn't mean we understand the same things. Even the things we find similar are often source of misunderstanding.

If I wouldn't read this book, I couldn't notice much of these differences.

the art of thinking clearly

Most often what holds us back from being the best version of ourselves are our misaligned believes and thoughts. This book has a complete list of most fallacies and wrong believes. 


Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life.

This book is a summary of everything Jim Kwik and others knows about boosting your learning and empowering yourself.

It teaches you a lot about your brain!

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

A brief history of History! An amazing book which helped me undrestand a lot more about us humans.