Love, learn, lead, fly!

The Dream

When you are a kid, you see manythings. Then you will forget most of it. The remaining is what you have paid close attention to and dreamed about.

Once I saw Hang Gliders on TV, it certainly looks cool when I watch it. I never thought if I am in there, I will be off the ground for handreds of meters. So I liked it. But again, never came to my mind that I can do it. I think if you like something but you can never imagine that you can do it, that is somehow your dream!

The Journey

It was just a forgotten dream before I met a friend who has joined a paragliding club for few months. As soon as she told me about her experience, I asked her to introduce me to their club. This was in 2016. Few month later I joined the club and took a three-month course in Hanoi Paragliding to become a pilot.

In the last session of the training, we went to practice in a hill. I could experience getting off the ground for few meters. It was scary enough for me to pull the brakes hard to go down. So hard that the glider almost stalled and I had my first incident at the same time. In spite of the bad landing, my instructors asked me to go to fly in the mountain the next day. For some obvious reasons I was very nervous and so were my classmates!

There was no way back and I had to take my first flight. My only hope was that my instructors will guide me through the radio and that gave me enough confidence. This was a turning point in my life. I have found my hobby.

Lantau Island, 8th August 2020

Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Paragliding in Sai Wan, Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, compared to other countries, all flying sites are in our doorstep! The furthest sites are 1 hour form any point in the city. The mountains are not very high, they range from 200m heigh to 400m. This happens to be a good thing, because we always have to hike. Along with this flying in the main sites like Ma On Shan and Shek O, sometime we try out new places. This was the first time we flew in Sai Wan and it seems to be a nice place.

Failed take off

This is so far my worst fail. In a nice weekend, I went to the noth of Vietnam. The place called Tam Doung and it has an amazing mountain view.

Son Tra Da Nang

Flying in Da Nang was one of the best experiences I had so far. After the sea heats up and the thermal develops, one can go really high up in the sky!

Ground handling

Almost every paragliding pilot in Hanoi starts from this field which is located right beside the Yen So Park! This is where you handle a wing for the first time. Although the field can get really hot in the summer. The kind of determination that our instructors had to train us in such a hot weather amazed me and showed me how much they love what they do.

I wonder why...

Flying alone in a weather which is going to be not so good for flying. Luckily I made it back to the ground on time

Best landing

My best videos are the ones my friends taken from me. I hardly remember who took this one, but I really like it!

First time in 1200

First Airborne

The first time I took-off the ground and realized that, oh, I am really high, but what now?